What We Do

GE DIGITAL CAMERARFA provides urban planning, technical assistance, and coaching services to the federal government, municipalities, private foundations, local housing authorities, and neighborhood-based organizations. Our expertise includes:

  • Program Design for new initiatives to address gaps in clients’ priorities and performance, such as: the design and operation of an industry transforming property management training program for a state housing finance agency; the design and oversight of a capacity building program to create a pipeline of new talent and improved operating procedures for the community development industry
  • Comprehensive Planning for cities and neighborhood organizations, including: organizing design charrettes, demographic research and analysis, presentations, and facilitated discussions with mayors and other elected representatives; and launching of initiatives capable of transforming communities physically, economically, and socially
  • Strategic Planning and advising business owners about property conditions and options for their underperforming assets (e.g., analyze current operations, refinancing options, market demands, and staffing capacity), with clients divergent in scale, geographic footprint, and financial performance goals
  • Trouble Shooter for funders or other investors where rigorous but fast analysis is required to determine current condition of a program or property. Reliable reports with options for remediation are produced and presented to owners, executive staffs or boards of directors as appropriate
  • Facilitate/Negotiate discussions among affected parties to inform and settle terms between federal agencies and local governments, foundations and grantees, membership organizations, and affinity groups



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