Reese Fayde & Associates

What We Do


Reese  Fayde  &  Associates  is  a  consulting  firm  providing  services  in  urban  planning  and  management  operations  to  government,  philanthropy  and  private  sector  clients  for  more  than  30  years.  Working most  frequently  in urban  neighborhoods,  we  customize  a  team  of  seasoned  professionals  to  meet  the  challenges  of  each  client  engagement.  

The Technical Stuff


Founder, Reese Fayde, is able to provide access to bold and creative thinkers when “re-imagining” is called for.  Then she can bring in hands-on professionals able to test and modify big ideas and initiatives into workable strategies that the client can own and implement.

Our Expertise


Recent  projects  have  utilized  the  skills  of  a  former  City  Manager  of a  major  US  city,  a  retail  expert  who  had  transformed  a  landmarked  rail  terminal,  a  small  business  coach  for  new  ventures,  all  bring  their  full  talents  and  commitment  to  qualify  service  to  each  and  every  assignment  that  they  do  with  RFA.