How We Do Our Work

RFA is not bringing “answers” but rather offering another perspective to our client’s work and deliberations. What were the ideas or strategies that had been used in other places? What lessons had been learned in this work that could inform this situation? How were partnerships forged in those places? What were the thresholds for necessary investor confidence? What characteristics were unique for the city or a neighborhood that could be a foundation for future growth?

It is one thing to be an effective convener or meeting facilitator. It is quite a different skill to be a “closer,” a person who can move the parties to common-ground or negotiated agreements that allows action to follow process. We have a proven record of being able to keep disparate parties working together to produce, promote and institutionalize new ideas and change.

Against a backdrop of big ideas there has to be some reality testing if the concept or initiative is to have any lasting impact. This often means bringing dissenting voices into the planning process and rigorously examining data, facts and the political environment. Recognizing the importance of testing and validating ideas, RFA gives deliberate attention to these factors from the start of every engagement.